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Monday, November 29, 2010

i have caught up the sermons I missed

I learned how I can tell if I have grown in my faith. Sleep isa gift of God

I got 2 x 20$ coupons after I bought her gift cards

So in order to use them both in 1 day we had 2 carts used 2 check outs and saved 40$ in coupons

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday a musing

Spiritually I am working my way through my Pastor's sermons, which I have missed, through Podcasts I have a lot to catch up on.

what caught my attention was

Pastor made a good point IF YOU ARE NOT WELL RESTED......
That makes sense
to me


My daughter's team won last game 15/1 Pretty impressive I am so proud of that team

Sunday my favorite day!!!!!!!!

I was at my favorite Church today with my favorite person MY DAUGHTER.

my daughter helped me

I can ask her for her opinions and she gives it to me straight up. she thought it would look good to put my alphabet beads into my necklace spelling my name RIMA in silver oval beads. I looks even better than I thought it would.
Last night I worked on my own mystery case and I solved it. it was very exciting . Now I wait for Crimescene to start their next case. Off to church we go

Saturday, November 27, 2010

my mantra for today

I was able to repair and restore my necklace today. As a reward I used up some of my seed beeds and some of my left over big glass blown beads and made 2 bookmarks from them. I find this a good way to focus, listen to classical Music, or to my Churches Podcasts. I am truly multi tasking


We dropped puppy off for a much needed hair cut we can out of the salon and the sky was grey sky and SNOW it did not last phew. My car is getting his winter tires come on the 11 th. just in time

my necklace broke ;(

Now, I was so lucky, that it broke in a spot so all the beads stayed I bought 3 yards of replacement wire to try to repair it for tomorrow.I am feeling stronger and my desire is to see my friends at church. no more crutches wheelchair or scooters just a brace for the rest of my life.which I am happy with.i can not handle such pain again. i walked 7 weeks on a broken ankle and a torn tendon . I would not want this pain ever again

What a beautiful day

now after chores, the fun can begin. here are my thoughts about Black Friday. I DID NOT BUY A SINGLE THING!!!!!! and for CYBER MONDAY I will safely be tucked away at work. I was able to give christmas postcards to my friends at work. Now I wait to see who I get Christmas cards from ;)

Groan time for chores

I broke my ankle last year on ice now I wear a steel brace

Friday, November 26, 2010

FREEZING RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As I am trying to walk my puppy I have to be extremely careful I broke my ankle and tore my tendons in my right ankle SCARY

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving lunch

It was wonderful. We had reservations at THE RED BLAZER It was amazing I started with desert first. mini cherry cheese cake and brownies on a stick and so much more. Although I got small samples of all offered foods, i
I was unable to sample everything. No one stuffed themselves, and no one argued

I give thanks everyday

for my friends and for my family in America Norway and across the world

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fun I love to come home to my daughter

Not only coming home, but getting to work on my mystery . I managed to cut out all the clues and paste them on the board . The interviews are left and then I should be able to build my case like in a mystery

I lucked out

I did not get the throat illness from work I lost my voice Sunday night and found it again on Monday

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Today is Thanksgiving Dinner at school

We brought in 2 apple pies 2 bottles of real cider abd 2 bottles of sparkling cider. It is a formal event our school is very cold is better, my nose is stuffy my throat hoarse. BUT I AM FEELING GREAT yesterday I fixed My daughters SIMS GAME for her. and all is well in my house

Monday, November 22, 2010

Nightmares again

Last night I woke up by my screaming in pain. Since my surgery I have been battling nerve pain in my last three toes ( on my right foot) not only did my foot feel like it was on FIRE but also like someone was stabbing the ankle with a knife. I think that was the worst attack of pain I have had in 7 months. Man that hurt. tonight it is still very sore and tender. I hope I don't have another attack again.


We have a tradition. 24 days as the Norwegians celebrate Christmas Eve.
My mom embroidered an advent calender just for my daughter, and every year we fill it with small gifts. Traditions are very important to our family . We are CO-PARENTS TO A 13 year old, and Boy am I glad I am not married anymore. Parenting is a tough job. my child is my life, without my faith, my church family and our extended family. Life would be difficult at best

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saturday, November 20, 2010

I cannot believe it!!!!!!!!!

I am too tired to enjoy my packages. But I found a beginners microscope which will do just fine for me

I got 4 Packages in the mail today!!!!!!!!!!

2 from Amazon my mom's Christmas present 2 from WardSci my Christmas present lol

Friday, November 19, 2010

I am preparing my beading supplies

My friend from work gave me her tackle box and i have been re organizing my beading supplies. It is a lot of fun to take inventory of all findings I have. I knew I needed 1/2 set of certain beads to finish my earring set. but now every thing.even all my tools are in one place. I am per natute organized but Chaos makes me literally ill. I also found my Mom's Christmas present today.

Not to forget I started writing Christmas cards and post cards today

Thursday, November 18, 2010

tonights CSI rocked

we have a talking Parrot, but he tells us to put our coats on In Winter time. he does not dial 911 lol

From the winning prize of 60$


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

my current books

absolutely the best Tami Hoag book so far is
Deeper than Dead, I just finished reading James Patterson book series 1-9

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Last night we made mini tie dye bandana's

all we needed were Sharpies and alcohol robber bands and cops.
it is incredible to see what designs my child comes uo with. She overlaps designs and does use patterns I never imagined of using. I just love to see her create. it shows molecules ( sharpie colors) react to drops of rubbing alcohol

Sunday, November 14, 2010

great news I am getting Christmas visit from my Mom

She is my Rock in my life. and I can not wait for her to come. she gets my part of the house and I move in with my daughter So much to do and so little time

what a great Fall day

My kid is coming home from her sleepover at her cousins and her friend has no where to be this afternoon so I invited her to go groceries shopping and tie dying. so then I can do the rest of the chores and My kid will not be bored

Saturday, November 13, 2010

mini tie dye project

After a free meal at a restaurant ( we ordered and received completely different orders) I am experimenting with Sharpies Rubbing Alcohol Rubberbands and a cup, to make miniature tie dye circles on a t shirt.

So far the experiment has produced a variety of patterns. I like some better than others, as i mentioned that is what experiments are for.i just have to learn how to up load pictures to my blog. maybe tomorrow

I am a Soccer Mom and love it

our Cousins are also playing. Now thete is a sleep over, and it is NOT at my house. In my house we are doing laundry and packing up all my Halloween things. I had a blast this year. my mummy was my favorite. I wrapped my life sized skeleton in muslin strips. My daughter liked it

Since she is not at home tonight.
, I will be a little lonely, but she needs to have some time with her friends as well. After chores I Will do some mini tie dying.

its Saturday and the sun is out

I just love the fall sun. it warms my soul.$?!
my soul is what is fed , when I am spending time with my daughter even just watching her

my wonderful dream

A long time ago I bought Mick a German Shepherd. she died 2 years later of Lympho Sarcoma. 2 nights ago I dreamt of her again and we had so much fun together, it was as if she had never left

Friday, November 12, 2010

I found a cool science experiment

sharpie pens rubbing alcohol and white cotton and you are in business i can not wait to try this one

found dead dear on break down lane

as a good citicen I report such things to the police.

butit is sad looked like it had a broken neck.

writing from my break at work

We have a voice controlled alarm clock

this morning puppy was crying as I are breakfasr the alarmclock answered COMMAND PLEASE HAHAHA

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I am late for a very important date

Usually my Christmas cards are sent out Nov 1st. well not in 2010. I have been so busy it is not funny, so I have ordered post cards with one of my paintings on it. That is it nothing else. By the way they serve as thank you cards as well

I just woke up and found a baby poodle mix under the covers

just hihis nose peekwd out under the covers
its is 10:53 am lets look what the time stamp is

Something funny about my time stamp

I am not a morning person. there is NO WAY I am up at 5 am ever and at 4 pm i do not have a break so I have not even access to my blog hmmm


Puppies will be puppies, and JD is a little thief he snuck his tongue into the pill organizer and was seen picking up a pill. we were unable to find it so we had to call ASPCA POISON CONTROL they taught us how to make the little one vomit and he turned out Ok. A lesson learned

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

THE LINKS DID NOT WORK for my gift charms* for magnets and christmas cards

I officially started Christmas shopping

and there I bought my christmas cards and thank you cards.

there I bought the charms to put on the presents

i feel good today
my web page

Monday, November 8, 2010

At my work I met my friend Anne

i had not seen here in a long time and i missed her so. today she came back i almost cried with joy . it will take Orientation to remind her again of what has changed.Welcome back Ann

Oral Surgeon removed bone shard poking my tongue

I am back in business . Tomorrow i will be able to sleep in again yeah

vacation on Norway's mailboat

my mom and I will be going together hopefully end of may 2011

I missed her 70 th Birthday last year, as i broke my ankle and required surgery to repair a few torn tendons. That hurt me deeply.

now I may be able to go this year yeah

At the oral Surgeon 8:48am

my anxiety level is not bad. My pain level is another matter .i walked 7 weeks on a broken ankle but this mouth thing,it takes pain to a whole other level.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

I will try to post a link

A perfect fall day

Today was a perfect fall day. From sleeping in late to walking the dog and finishing a school project. I won a prayer shawl at a work auction and added swarowski pearls to it. What an elegant look this made. It came out so much better than imagined.

My 13 year old daughter finished building her sxhool project and raked the yard voluntary. I think this is really nice of her. Some days I do not understand her at all, and some days I do.

I found a new friend, she homeschools her 3 children, she is my hero, as I wanted to do that 13 years ago. what stopped me in my tracks was, working fulltime nights, and having to sleep part of my day away.

this is my first blog post so I will try not to ramble on too long

my absolute favorite web site is